Google Tel Aviv Will Floor You

dezeen_Google-Tel-Aviv-by-Camenzind-Evolution_25Eight floors of amazing is what Camenzind Evolution has designed in collaboration with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal.

google-tel-aviv-israel-office-15The Google work environment promotes creativity, collaboration and the sharing of ideas, through the effective design layout, which sets itself apart from the typical office.dezeen_Google-Tel-Aviv-by-Camenzind-Evolution_ss_3 dezeen_Google-Tel-Aviv-by-Camenzind-Evolution_ss_4 google-tel-aviv-israel-office-1dezeen_Google-Tel-Aviv-by-Camenzind-Evolution_ss_5 Located in the Electra Tower in central Tel Aviv, the office boasts views of the city and sea through full length windows, while allowing in generous amounts of natural light.dezeen_Google-Tel-Aviv-by-Camenzind-Evolution_ss_6 dezeen_Google-Tel-Aviv-by-Camenzind-Evolution_ss_8Communication is key in this office and it is shown through 50% of the floor plan being open. Perfect for conversation, many areas display a casual demeanor of comfortable lounge seating consisting of banquettes, booths, or benches. The other half of the space is more enclosed, to allow focus and google-tel-aviv-israel-office-26google-tel-aviv-israel-office-25dezeen_Google-Tel-Aviv-by-Camenzind-Evolution_ss_9 Each floor of the 8,000 m2 office is contrasted by aspects of the diversity in Israel, portraying a different theme relating to the building’s google-tel-aviv-israel-office-10 google-tel-aviv-israel-office-11 google-tel-aviv-israel-office-21 google-tel-aviv-israel-office-24 google-tel-aviv-israel-office-28dezeen_Google-Tel-Aviv-by-Camenzind-Evolution_ss_33 The Google cafeteria features three restaurants, each themed differently: Non-kosher, kosher dairy and kosher google-tel-aviv-israel-office-20Featuring a slide between floors, a Lego room, music room, full gym and a rooftop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this office could be enough motivation to make most opt (or lust) for a career change. google-tel-aviv-israel-office-23 google-tel-aviv-israel-office-27google-tel-aviv-israel-office-13 google-tel-aviv-israel-office-14The project is currently awaiting LEED Platinum certification; If granted, this will be the first of its category in Israel.

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