Fogo Island – Long Studio

saunders-fogo-22Photographer: Bent Rene´Synnevåg and Saunders Architecturesaunders-fogo-26 Site Plan – Courtesy of Saunders Architecturesaunders-fogo-27Section Cut: Courtesy of Saunders Architecturesaunders-fogo-01-longJust outside of Newfoundland, lies Fogo Island, a Canadian beauty. The area is culturally rich and a home to  independent and resourceful people. saunders-fogo-02-longIn the effort to preserve the natural landscape with its unique traditions and cultures, came the idea for an Arts Residency program. This program allows artists from all over the map to connect and live in Fogo Island to experience its unique sense of community. saunders-fogo-25The concept for the project was to create striking, bold and harsh geometric structures to contrast against the softer, natural environment. The idea is symbolic of change and acts as a link, connecting the past to the future.saunders-fogo-24The studio faces the sea and is elevated, to give the resident artist a feeling of being unbound, unobstructed and ultimately, free. saunders-fogo-18-long Organized in three different spaces, the studio reflects the seasons winter, spring and summer. One side of the structure remains fully enclosed, emulating winter, in an area of safety, solitude and protection from outside factors.saunders-fogo-15-longsaunders-fogo-10-long The open, yet covered area of the studio portrays the entrance in a clean, crisp, white palette. This gives way to spring and a new, fresh beginning. Fogo-Long-Studio-TSA-4865 Fogo-Long-Studio-TSA-4891 saunders-fogo-12longThe central portion of the space reflects the transition into summer, showcasing length through both the structure of the building and the allowance of light through openness. The lack of overhead coverage implies longer days, free of any limitations. saunders-fogo-14-long saunders-fogo-20-longAt 120m squared, Long Studio produces their own power and recycles their own waste, adding efficiency and intelligence to a modest, yet stunningly beautiful space.

  1. Absolutely stunning A1 ! Wow I want to go and see this now 🙂

  2. Thanks A2! Agreed, I would love to see it in person! We should live there as residential artisans – there are 5 other towers in addition to this one (:

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