Wine Box to Jewelry Storage

I have had this old wine box kicking around for quite some time, so I decided to turn it into something useful — jewelry storage. It can be kept in this form, however, I chose to paint it white.Materials (exterior): I used a sponge applicator to apply white acrylic paint and a paintbrush to clean up any edges.Squeeze the paint into a container to evenly disperse paint on the sponge and ensure even coverage.I wanted a quick and easy way to store and Identify my bracelets without the tangled mess.  Materials (interior): Fabric, toilet paper rolls, stapler and tape                                                               For this next step, tape the two toilet paper rolls together. Measure and cut the fabric so that there is an excess of about an inch on either side of the tube remaining (these will be folded in and stapled later)Tape the uneven cut of fabric and wrap it around the roll. Fold the edges into the roll and staple once on both sides of the roll (the clean edge of fabric should be on the outside).Place your bracelets or other accessories into your new jewelry box! This is an excellent means of storage for bangles, or thin bracelets that become easily tangled.

  1. jenniferlo12 said:

    A very good idea that might also make a good gift!

  2. Thanks! Try it out, it’s an awesome way to bring new life to something you no longer use!

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