Metro Vancouver Waste to Energy Facility

[Pictured above – The Scrap Metal Dino]

The Metro Vancouver Waste to Energy Facility [WTEF] was opened in 1988 and is operated by Covanta Renewable Energy Inc. in South Burnaby, BC. Every year, 285 000 tonnes of garbage are converted into sustainable sources of energy in the form of  steam and electricity. BC Hydro is able to power over 15 000 homes yearly with the electricity produced at the  WTEF.

Garbage trucks are weighed to ensure that loads do not exceed 4000 tonnes.

The crane transports waste into the appropriate feed chutes.

Temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius+ are used to burn waste inside the grate. While this process occurs, the heat and gas extend into the boiler area and heat tubes of water. The water boils to produce steam, while the gasses from this process are cooled and sent to the air pollution control system. The steam then turns the turbo generator to create electricity. Any leftover residue or “bottom ash” that does not get burned in the process is removed via magnet for recycling.


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